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Meet our leaders… an experienced team that combines strong functional expertise and diverse perspectives to set strategic direction and meet emergent challenges.

SagePoint Financial Executives

Jeffrey M. Auld
President and Chief Executive Officer—SagePoint Financial, Inc.
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Nicole Gilbert
Senior Vice President, Field Supervision—SagePoint Financial, Inc.
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Desiree’ Sii
Senior Vice President, Business Development—SagePoint Financial, Inc.
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Genevieve Hodges-Sisco
Senior Vice President, Recruiting—SagePoint Financial, Inc.
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Advisor Group Executives

Jamie Price
President and Chief Executive Officer—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Cindy Hamel
Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Ahmed Hassanein
Chief Accounting Officer—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Andrea Dircks Larsen
Chief Human Resources Officer—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Lori Love
Chief Customer Experience Officer–Advisor Group, Inc.
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Nina McKenna
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Ed Obuchowski
Chief Technology Officer—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Allison Couch Pratt
Executive Vice President, National Sales—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Matthew Schlueter
EVP and President, Wealth Management Solutions—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Mary Simonson
Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Susan Theder
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer—Advisor Group, Inc.
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Advisor Group and SagePoint Financial are proud to have taken a corporate “Parity Pledge,” publicly committing to interview at least one qualified woman candidate for every open position, vice president and above.

Learn more about the Parity Pledge

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